From the News Herald:
A Florida Fish and Wildlife officer’s attempt to use a 5-foot live alligator during show and tell Friday at Breakfast Point Academy ended with the critter on the loose in the woods near Pier Park. . . .

[A]fter the show, the officer placed the gator in the back of his truck and left in an attempt to return the animal to the wild. But the creature apparently got anxious and decided to return to the wild early, [FWC spokesman Stan] Kirkland said. . . .

“It’s green, it’s 5 feet long and it was last seen on the lam,” Kirkland said.

Officers do lose animals from time to time, Kirkland added.

“It’s probably happened. It’s not something we hear about,” he said. “This just happened to be viewed by half of Panama City Beach. We appreciate all those calls to the media.”