Duck Hunting photo

I’m feverishly preparing for my first duck season with Pritch. (Getting her used to decoys. Practicing pulling her in small boat. Etc.) I’m not expecting miracles, just looking to have fun shooting over my dog.

But I’m well aware of the problems that an unfinished dog can cause in a duck blind. I can already tell you that as soon as the guns go off or the ducks swoop close, Pritch will be whimpering with excitement. Still, if that’s all I’ve got to contend with then the Good Lord will surely be smiling upon me this season.

I’m curious what you consider the deadliest of all duck blind sins for a dog. Do you care if your dog drops the duck at the water’s edge and not in your hand? Does an unsteady dog send you over the cattails? Are you a stickler for a dog that has to come back on a straight line? Or how about the dog that retrieves your decoys?

What’s the number one no-no for a dog in the blind?