Thanksgiving is over. I know this because every commercial on TV is now Christmas-related. I don’t generally pay attention to these rants about sales and holiday cheer, but I noticed something interesting this year. Bass Pro Shops is running loads of commercials, and I’m not talking about just on Versus and the Outdoor Channel. I’m talking Bravo and Lifetime. Why? Because these commercials are targeted at wives who don’t fish. Here’s why they’re genius.

I don’t have any kids, but know plenty of people with little ones that cough up $20 or $40 to plop them on some mangy Santa’s lap in the local mall for a photo. My wife will fish on occasion, but spending a day at Bass Pro or Cabela’s is, for her, a fate worse than death. I’m sure she’s not the only woman that feels this way. Which is why this Bass Pro commercial only highlights the “Santa’s Wonderland” display, complete with crafts for the kids, elves, and free photos with Santa. You won’t find any reference to hunting or fishing. In fact, if you didn’t know what Bass Pro sold, you wouldn’t learn it from the commercial.

What Bass Pro has done is given the man with a non-hunting or -fishing wife and kids the opportunity to say “you know honey, I know where we can get free photos with Santa this year and where the kids can make Christmas crafts and play games.” You become the hero, and once she’s through the door, you can go scope the latest Christmas tackle sales and stock up for that winter crappie and muskie action.

So as a recently married dude without kids, I ask you, the wiser married masses: would this commercial be enough incentive to get your whole family into Bass Pro Shops during the holidays? – JC