Discussion Topic: Colorado University Bans Nerf Guns

This would be just silly if the University could claim that Nerf guns bear some resemblance to real guns. But they can’t, because they don’t, which makes this whole thing beyond preposterous. Instead, they claim the toys could be painted to resemble a real gun. By that logic, they should ban paint. They should also ban sticks, which could be painted to look like guns. And papier-mache, which could be molded and then painted to look like guns. And Play-Doh, obviously. . . .

From WorldNetDaily.com:

_Students playing a campus-wide game at the University of Colorado are being warned not to use the popular toy NERF guns, which shoot foam darts.

In fact, posted signs say they aren’t allowed even to have the toys on campus. The signs state, “If you’re caught walking around the University of Colorado at Boulder with a NERF gun, you could be arrested.”

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