Big Game Hunting photo

The Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports that a new United Airlines policy has some hunters up in arms. And I’m one of them. Every fall, I pack my favorite rattling antlers in my checked baggage and fly to the Midwest to hunt–usually on United. If I kill a buck I don’t plan to have mounted, I check both the meat and antlers for the return trip. Yes, I could ship the latter instead, but that’s often no less expensive and more of a hassle.

From the Tribune-Review article:

_The airline recently announced it will no longer allow hunters to travel with antlers as part of their checked baggage. Flying with antlers has been and is still acceptable for nearly every other airline operating in North America.

Safari Club International officials said they are in negotiations with United Airlines in an attempt to deal with the policy. A solution being worked out would United creating a partnership with FedEx to provide door to door pick-up and delivery of properly packaged antlers within the continental 48 states.

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