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Remember California high school student Gary Tudesko, who was expelled for having unloaded shotguns in his truck despite the fact that the vehicle was parked off campus? (see our previous coverage). Well, Tudesko is now appealing the local school district’s expulsion order and the NRA is getting on board.

Here’s the latest, from an NRA press release:

_Tudesko is in this position because of a short-sighted bureaucratic approach to enforcing the school’s “zero tolerance” policy toward firearms, which is in many schools and cases is misapplied. . . .

_Time and again these policies have resulted in a triumph of irrational political correctness over common sense and justice. Given that Tudesko had gone duck hunting that same morning with friends. . ., had bird-shot loads as ammunition, had both firearms unloaded, had intentionally parked off-campus to avoid any issues, and had several people corroborate his story, school administrators should have acknowledged that the circumstances did not warrant expulsion.

_Gary Tudesko needs your help and support. Please attend the hearing if possible, and at least contact the Board of Education on Gary’s behalf through the “one click” e-mail tools at www.calnra.com or by calling the Board of Education at (530) 934-6575, or fax your note of support to (530) 934-6111.