A dozen or more bowhunters who flung arrows at a panicked herd of elk cornered in a rancher’s pasture in Skagit County, Washington, on Saturday apparently did nothing illegal. They did, however, manage to kill 7 animals, cause an emergency closure of the area’s archery elk season, and make us all look really bad.

From The Seattle Times:
“Obviously, this got a little out of hand,” Dave Ware, state Department of Fish and Wildlife game-division manager, said Monday [adding that] . . . the agency closed the season. . . on an emergency basis because of the Saturday spectacle.

One neighbor who asked not to be named said the event, which slowed traffic on Highway 20 as people watched, was a “testosterone-poisoned circus. . . .”
Other hunters said Saturday’s incident disgusted them.

“How can you call that hunting?” asked Bob Coombs, 70, of Mount Vernon. “You pin some animals inside a barbed-wire closure, then allow people to come in there and take shots at them with arrows. Good Lord. That can’t be called hunting. There are some fair-chase rules that any ethical hunter subscribes to.”

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