Discussion Topic: Wisconsin Middle School Class Dissects Deer

From the State Journal:

_[Students] recently viewed the dissection of a dead deer to culminate a deer/ecology unit in seventh-grade science at the Evansville middle school.

_”It was exciting because I don’t really get to see the organs when I’m out deer hunting,” said seventh-grader Alex Shoemaker. . . .


_But not everyone was captivated by the sight and smell of a deer being cut open.

_”Two of my friends left. They thought it was disgusting,” said seventh-grader Emily Yoerger.

Seventh-grade science teacher Bruce Curtis. . . has been scheduling the activity for about 10 years. He gives students an opportunity to pass if they think they’ll get queasy, but typically only a few students opt out each year.

Would your kids be excited to see a deer dissected in their class room? (Tell the truth.)