Sorry for the late news posts this morning. The plan was to get in and out of the duck marsh by 8:00 a.m. That’s when the ducks usually stop flying. But on this rainy morning, mallards, blacks, and–with the warm weather–even woodies and teal were still trading from pothole to pothole when we left at 10.


I hunted with a virtual stranger this morning. Earlier this fall, the landowner told me there was another guy who hunts ducks in the swamp, and he gave me Jim’s number. We touched base, made a plan, and met before daybreak in the pouring rain this morning. I didn’t expect Jim would want to hunt in the downpour, but he was game, and I’m glad he was. We had a great hunt and found we have many of the same interests and much the same approach to hunting.

I’ve always maintained that finding a good hunting partner is harder than finding a good girlfriend or spouse–because there’s nothing to distract you from his failings.

Anyway, it was an unusually good day. The ducks flew late, they worked to the call, I managed not to embarrass myself with my shooting, and I gained a good hunting partner. [Sorry for the cheesy tailgate shot, but we both forgot to bring our cameras to the marsh.]