Whitetail Hunting photo

Last week, Field Notes guru Dave Hurteau did a great profile (and an exclusive, I might add) on what will likely be the Ohio state record muzzleloader buck. And just recently, another buck profiled on this site–a monster from Wisconsin–unseated last year’s “Field & Stream buck” for top honors as the largest Badger State bow-killed non-typical.


Well it’s too early to call the shot on this deer, but the buzz is that the buck pictured above may threaten the Illinois bow-killed non-typical record. The current Prairie State non-typical record is 267″, and I’ve had two different sources tell me this buck will be very close to that mark. We’ll have to wait for the 60-day drying period for an official measurement, and to the best of my knowledge that won’t occur until sometime January.

The only other information I have on this buck is that it was killed by Chris Kiernan after a two-year campaign. The buck was shot near the town of Morris, Illinois last month. Anyone with further details, feel free to chime in!