Whitetail Hunting photo

In case you missed it in yesterday’s Whitetail365 headlines, Minnesota’s Troy Reinke, who stands charged with poaching a now-famous world-class 8-point buck that he originally claimed to shoot with a bow on Halloween, is now changing his story.

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

In an exclusive interview with the Pioneer Press_, Troy Alan Reinke repeated an earlier claim he made to investigators.

“I found that deer on my four-wheeler on the east side of the property where I hunt,” said Reinke in his first statement to the media. “I didn’t shoot that deer. I don’t have any guns and I don’t hunt with guns.”

And in the very latest update, he has now entered a not guilty plea.

Also from the Pioneer Press:

_Troy Alan Reinke pleaded not guilty in Goodhue County District Court to 13 counts of illegally taking deer. He is accused of killing the world’s largest eight-point buck, in antler size, on Halloween night. . . .

_Reinke was also given a public defender.

_After entering his plea, Reinke refused to talk to reporters.

“My house is getting trashed. My car is getting trashed,” he said. “I ain’t talking to nobody.”