Whitetail Hunting photo

First, he told wildlife officials he killed the giant 8-pointer with a bow on Halloween night. Then authorities determined that the deer was killed with a gun, and therefore out of season. Now Troy Reinke of Cannon Falls, MN, says he didn’t kill the buck at all, but rather found it dead.

From the Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

_In an exclusive interview with the Pioneer Press, Troy Alan Reinke repeated an earlier claim he made to investigators.

_”I found that deer on my four-wheeler on the east side of the property where I hunt,” said Reinke in his first statement to the media. “I didn’t shoot that deer. I don’t have any guns and I don’t hunt with guns.”

_Goodhue County prosecutors have charged Reinke with 13 counts of illegally taking deer. He is accused of killing the world’s largest eight-point buck, in antler size, on Halloween night.

_Reinke makes his first court appearance this morning in Goodhue County District Court.

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