What’s the Ultimate Gun-Dog Road Trip?

One week from today I’m going to load Pritch in the truck and head three hours west to Greenwood, SC for our first inland duck hunt. To be honest, I love nothing more than covering miles with my dog and gun in the truck with the promise of birds–in this case wood ducks–in front of us. Plus, I’ll be hunting with my older brother and nephew, making it a very special trip. All of which got me thinking about ultimate gun dog road trips and, of course, discussing them with my buddies.
My friend Todd Flohr, who lives in Charleston, SC, would love to grab his five-year-old Springer, Bailey, and head to the Aberdeen area of South Dakota during the last two weeks of October. From there he would hunt pheasant and duck eventually working his way to Montana for more of the same.

And F&S Field Notes blogger and avid gun-dog trainer, Chad Love, has been dreaming of his ultimate road trip for some time. In his words, “I’ve always wanted to pick a road, just one road, a lonely north-south US highway that goes from border to border, load up the dogs and go hunt it, a combination upland/waterfowl trip. The road can’t be an interstate and has to pass through lots of lonely, forgotten country with plenty of hunting.”

For now, Pritch and I are way too green to plan anything so ambitious. We’re trying to put down the basics so in a year or two my dream trip can become a reality. But what about you? What’s your idea of the ultimate gun-dog road trip?