Discussion Topic: Wisconsin Man Sues Police After Open-Carry Arrest

From The Journal Times:

_[Frank Hannan-Rock of Racine,] who was arrested while openly carrying a gun on his porch Sept. 9[,] filed a lawsuit Friday against the city and two members of the police department.

_The lawsuit. . . challenges Wisconsin’s Gun Free School Zone Act, claiming it “unconstitutionally deprives plaintiffs of a meaningful opportunity to bear arms. . . .”

_The act prohibits carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of a school. . . .
Hannan-Rock’s arrest in September sparked a controversy. Hannan-Rock was arrested for obstructing when he refused to answer questions from officers investigating a shots-fired report in the block.

“I was well within my rights to not provide my name and it just escalated from there to the arrest,” he said then to The Journal Times. “They said it wasn’t for the firearm but it is my belief (the officers) did not like the idea of me openly carrying and they were going to be confrontational about it.”

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