Some deer stories can only take place in a small town. Case in point? Last week our local high school boy’s basketball team was returning home from an away game. The giant buck pictured above leaped in front of their bus and, predictably, did not escape the encounter. Though the buck was dead, everyone on the team was fine, and the bus sustained minimal injury.

Here’s where the story goes country. Tom Vix, the head coach of the team, is a passionate and successful deer hunter. The same goes for the bus driver, Wayne Wenzel, and a bunch of the ball players. So, after a suitable period of admiring the headgear of the brute whitetail, Vix did what any small-town-coach-who-is-a-deer-hunter would do; he called the local warden and asked if they could keep the buck. “Sure” was the reply. And then Vix called a play not found in the scheme of most high school hoops teams; he told the boys to load the buck on the bus…

So the trophy-class 10-point made the trip back to town with the team, his massive antlers filling up the aisle. Though none of the meat was deemed worthy of salvage, the buck’s rack will be proudly displayed in the room of ag-teacher Craig Colbenson who is–you guessed it–also a passionate and successful deer hunter.