The political brick wall blocking a New Jersey bear hunt–even as dangerous encounters and complaints skyrocketed–is gone. Gov. Jon Corzine, who ended bear hunting in 2006, is out, and pro-hunting republican Gov.-elect Chris Christie is in.

From the Star-Ledger:

_It should be an exciting year for New Jersey sportsmen as a new governor — a man who has pledged to support hunting more than his prior two predecessors — takes the helm. For starters, it’s possible, even likely, that Chris Christie, a Republican, will allow a black bear hunting season this year. . . .

The anti-hunting attitudes and actions of politics-driven honchos in the Gov. Jon Corzine [administration] angered sportsmen and took a toll on the spirits of some Fish and Wildlife staffers, but it also served to spark a grassroots movement of resistance. This helped give birth to the New Jersey Outdoors Alliance (NJOA), a non-profit organization that played a part in getting Christie elected.