Back during dove season I posted a recipe that blew away any other that I had tried when it came to that popular game bird. Recently I cooked another new recipe on some of the wood ducks that were part of Pritchard’s first hunt in the swamp. What I loved about the recipe was that it used maple syrup to enhance the woodies’ flavor, which made it a perfect paring for the salty, smoky wonderfulness of Southern collard greens. My wife, Jenny, also added roasted acorn squash to the dish.

But I committed the mortal sin when it comes to the wood duck…I cooked it a wee bit too long. Go ahead, I’ll take the 10 lashes now.

Still, the recipe, which came from a duck-hunting buddy, is worth passing along. In the hands of better chef the potential could truly be unlocked. In mine, I ended up with slightly over-cooked duck. Still tasty, but leaving me with no doubt that Iron Chef Morimoto would chop me up with a Ginzu on the Kitchen Stadium floor.

Maple-Glazed Duck Breasts


Duck breasts, sliced in cubes with the grain of the muscle


8 tbsp. maple syrup

8 tbsp. (1 stick) of butter, melted


1. Cube duck breasts and thread onto skewers. Season liberally with pepper.

2. Mix together maple syrup and melted butter. Brush mixture onto skewered duck.

3. Grill until medium rare, basting regularly. Be careful not to overcook.

Have a favorite duck recipe that the rest of us need to know about? Unload it on us. As always, I’m curious to hear your thoughts. We’ve got birds in the freezer that need some loving.