Believe it or not, some of the buzz from the North American International Auto Show is about new vehicles designed for toting around dogs. The one making the most noise is the Honda Element EX Dog Friendly, which includes a soft-sided crate in the rear of a vehicle, a rear fan for keeping your pup cool, a ramp (so that little yappers can access the crate from the ground), a spill resistant water bowl, and a floor that can literally be hosed off.

In possibly the only humorous line uttered by an auto executive since Lee Iacocca left the biz, John Mendel of Honda said, “In an interesting turn of events, cars are now chasing dogs.” Well, maybe dogs but not necessarily hunting dogs. I’m sticking to my very utilitarian 4×4 Jeep with the dog crate in the back. I have one dog so anything else is overkill, but if I had a few more (Dear Wife, that is a HINT!) I would certainly consider a large SUV with a modified kennel area in the back.

In the piney woods on the outskirts of my town of Charleston, S.C., there’s a very popular dog vehicle I yearn for. Horsepower? Well, that would be two mules. Four wheel drive? Well, four wheels, at least. Seating? Well, often there are two couches and behind them about four dog boxes for the pointers. You can see one of these vehicles in the photo above. But I’m here to tell you that unless Pritch learns how to paint like Picasso there’s little chance I’ll ever own one of these quail buggies. (It’s kind of useless to have a quail buggy and no land to go hunt quail on.) But a simple man can dream…can’t he?

What’s your idea of the ultimate dog vehicle? Have you modified your own ride to make it hunting dog friendly?