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We’ve been following the story of 17-year-old California student Gary Tudesko, who was expelled by the Willis Unified School District for having unloaded shotguns in his truck, despite the fact that the vehicle was not parked on school property. Now, Tudesko’s expulsion has been overturned.

Here’s the latest, from the Sacramento Bee:

_In the end, the case . . . became a question of whether the authority of school officials to enforce the state’s Education Code extended to the school fence – or a sidewalk’s width beyond it.

_On Friday, members of the Glenn County Board of Education drew the line at the gates of Willows High School.

_They ruled that officials in the Willows Unified School District had exceeded their authority when they expelled Gary Tudesko – a 17-year-old with a history of disciplinary problems – for leaving two shotguns and ammunition in his truck parked a few feet from the school’s tennis courts on a public street.

“The district governing board acted in excess of its jurisdiction to expel the Pupil,” the board wrote in its decision.