Hunting Dogs photo

Pritchard and I are headed back to the wood duck swamp this weekend. And while I still can’t be sure just how my pup will perform I do know that if a duck drops she’ll hit the water hard.


I’m well aware that a dog’s water entry doesn’t really mean a hill of beans about its retrieving skills. I’ve seen dogs that gingerly step into the water, as if testing the temperature, but won’t dream of coming back without the duck. I’ve also seen the opposite…dogs that leap into the water as if launched from a cannon, and in doing so lose sight of the mark.

But I’ve got a soft spot for a dog that attacks the water. And I’m happy to report that Pritchard has a bit of a leap (see above photo and video below) for such a little gal. (Yes, I know, she’s not exactly steady in the video.) At 35 pounds she won’t be out jumping an amped up Lab or spunky Chessie, but she gets some air…and I love it. In fact, I get sucked into watching every Dock Dog Challenge I see on TV. (Admit it. So do you.)

I know that an airborne dog can injure itself in a duck swamp on submerged cypress knees and the like. But that just means I need to be a bit more vigilant about where I set up. I’d rather have a dog that goes for it.

How about you? Have any good or bad experiences with flying dogs? Think you could win a Dock Dog Challenge?