Hunting Gear photo

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Yesterday was snowy, wet and thoroughly miserable. Looks like the marmot was right. A perfect day to stay inside. So I loaded up the dogs and went quail hunting. As I was driving to my hunting spot I passed the intersection in the photo below. Just a lonely, little-traveled county road junction way out in the back of beyond. No stoplight, no traffic, and definitely no random porta-potty abandoned in the middle of the intersection.


But on my way back, there it was, smack in the middle of the road. Did someone lose it? Did they get tired of hauling it around and decided that this junction was as good a place as any? Was it, you know, used? (I didn’t find out). Was it a protest statement about the condition of my state’s public roads? Maybe an anonymous philanthropic gesture toward us Johnless late-season public-land quail hunters?

I didn’t know, and I’d read way too many Stephen King novels as a child to even think about opening the door. To me, mysterious crapshack on lonely county road screams “really bad way to die” so I snapped this picture, got back in my truck and got the hell out of there.

So here’s my question: was there a perfectly reasonable explanation for this picture, or did I narrowly escape some malevolent evil spirit that lures hunters to their doom? Let’s hear your stories …