Earlier this month the American Kennel Club released its list of most popular dogs. As usual, the Labrador was at the top of the heap. But I was interested to see where some popular gun dogs breeds stacked up against the rest. Golden Retrievers were fourth, and beagles followed right behind in the fifth spot. (Second and third place went to German Shepherds and Yorkshire Terriers, respectively.) GSPs cracked the list at the 16th spot.

I know that AKC show breeding is at the root of a few evils, but the list got me thinking about the readers of this blog and the breakdown of their dogs. So I’ve decided to take a census. In the comments section below, tell us what type of dog(s) you have. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mutt or a Musterlander. Any other information you want to add is up to you but not necessary.

I realize this is far from scientific, but the results should be interesting. (And will help shape some Man’s Best Friend blog content in the future.) In three weeks I’ll randomly pick one of the participants regardless of their answer–be it a Heinz 57 or a pure bred. That person will win a three pack of Cabela’s training dummies. At that same time I’ll release the results of the (un)official F&S Gun Dog Census.

For the record, I’ll start: One Boykin spaniel. Loves to hunt; needs some work.

Let’s hear it, gang.