It’s official: The 32-Point Camp Ripley buck has set a new Minnesota archery record.

From The Annondale Advocate:

_Scott O’Konek’s 32-point buck, which racked up so much excitement this fall with what many speculated to be the largest non-typical rack ever taken by archery in Minnesota, is finally where it belongs – hanging on his wall.

_And decorating a simple table beneath it are certificates from the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, Pope and Young and the Minnesota Deer Classic officially proclaiming it a state record-breaker.

Its official score of 2273/8 breaks the previous record of 2263/8 set in 2008 by Ben Spanjers, O’Konek said. Prior to that, the record was 225 set in 1989.

In case you missed it, see our photo gallery of O’Konek’s buck here.

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