Okay folks, here is the next buck you need to score (click here if you missed the first one). Let’s review. You are playing for a Mathews Z7, the company’s brand new, flagship compound bow for 2010. It’s a prize worth about $900.


To win it, you need to guess the gross B&C scores of the bucks I post here each Friday. (It’s up to you to keep track of your scores.) On the last Friday, March 6th, I’ll ask you for your grand total. If you’re closest, you’ll be hunting with a very slick new bow next fall.


In the meantime, you are welcome to post your best guesses for each buck. Or you can keep your best guesses to yourself and try to sabotage your competition with outlandish scores and purposely misleading information.

This clean 10 was taken by Mathews spokesperson, TV personality, and accomplished bass player Dave Watson, who arrowed the buck last winter in Central Texas. “Most people still believe you have to go to South Texas for a wall-hanger, but that’s no longer the case,” says Watson. “This buck went 200 pounds and grossed . . . .

Okay, have at it.