Whitetail Hunting photo

So I’m here banging my head against the wall to see if anything falls out for this morning’s blog when Bestul sends me a charity email sporting pictures of this crazy, wood-pile hunting blind. Yes, that center slot that looks like logs flips up so you can shoot.


I got to thinking that there must be other unusual blinds to be found on the Internet–home of the unusual. And there are, of course, like the Predator IV Mirror Blind, which is apparently the “ORIGINAL ‘invisible’ deer or turkey hunting blind that hides hunters in plain sight!” and sells for just $1,025.


Then I thought maybe we should have a crazy-deer-stand contest, but quickly learned–shocker–that I’m not the first to think of that. Texas’ Wilson County News, it turns out, recently held its own annual “Best, Worst & Most Unique Deer Stand Contest,” which turned up several gems, including:


Then, after a little more searching, I found what has to be the mother of all deer stands.


. . . complete with step-by-step instructions.

Got a favorite?