I’m not much of a TV person, but last night I was flipping between the Olympics, the Kentucky vs Mississippi State basketball game, and, yes, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. I have a like-hate relationship with the show. I hate to see dogs that have had more grooming done than Lady GaGa. It just feels unnatural. And I’m no fan of what show breeding has done to some of our popular sporting breeds. (That in itself is worth another blog post.)


But I still found myself interested in the enormous number of dogs and information presented. I never knew that the Border Terrier was bred so that its tail could be used as a handle! According to the some-what loony commentators, when a Border Terrier gets stuck in a hole or tunnel while chasing a rodent you simply reach down and pull it out by the tail–and, I imagine, hope that you still have a hand when it’s over.

In the end, I was rooting for the Brittany (the winner of the sporting group) to take Best in Show. Doubtful that dog would know the difference between a quail and a lunch pail, but I was still pulling for it.

The Brittany lost to a coifed Scottish Terrier. Glad I opted to watch the end of the Kentucky game.

So how about you? Did you watch any of the dog show, were you pulling for your favorite breed, or are you appalled by the entire notion?

Photo: Steve Surfman/WKC