From the CBC’s web site:
_A New Brunswick woman who wrestled with a coyote Wednesday (Feb.10) was still shaken hours afterwards, but managed to walk away needing only a tetanus shot and a bandage.

Marie Simon of Saint-Charles, near Richibucto, said she went into her backyard about 2:30 a.m. to let her puppy Sampson out.

“He started pulling to go back in the house,” Simon said. “[I] thought it was just a puppy thing, and I heard a snarl, and I turned around and I thought it was just a dog — and ended up it was coming right at [me]. All I could see was teeth.”

The ordeal with the coyote lasted about 10 minutes.

“Finally, it went to go at my neck and my jaw, ” she said. “And I just seen it there, and I just got my left and went right at its mouth, and I connected with the mouth and the coyote yelped.”_