Hunting Dogs photo

It’s time to announce the winner of our latest caption contest, and what a contest it was. First off, many thanks to Dexter the Dachshund for actually retrieving the bumper during our quasi-photo shoot. Who would have thought?

And big thumbs up to the gang at Zink Calls for our prize: a great Power Hen 2 duck call ($125). But let’s get on with it.

As always there were a ton of great entries. Ejunk led things off with this pretty hilarious jingle that riffed off the Oscar Mayer bologna song:

Oh I wish I were a Re-trievin’ Wie – ner

That is what I’d tru-ly like to be

’cause if I were a Re-reivin’ Wie – ner

I could go a hunt-in’ with my bu-ddies!

Kelmitch, a regular on Man’s Best Friend, mined his history books to borrow a famous German phrase once uttered by President Kennedy in Berlin.

Ich bin ein deutscher Retrieveing Wunder Hund!

MABALLZ made us laugh with this one:

You did it! Why the long face?

Then there was rynodaug’s very creative entry.

He thought he’d proven himself returning the bumper. Little did he know, it was his owner’s ear plug.

Honorable mention went to jswhitney for a pretty hilarious take on the photo.

It’s pronounced DUCKS-und, and yes, it IS a retrieving breed.

But in the end, the winner was Dotcomaphobe. Drum roll, please…

Oh, yeah? I’ve seen you shoot. If you can call yourself a hunter, I can call myself a gun dog.

__ Congrats Dotcomaphobe. Well played. Send me your shipping address at, and we’ll get the duck call in the mail. Happy honking.

Thanks for playing, everyone. More free stuff to come soon.