A number of readers questioned both the validity and sourcing of a blog post I wrote last week concerning threats to the Clean Water Act. My information came from the New York Times, you see, so it must have an agenda.

Fair enough. But here’s one that says basically the same thing, and it was published in that bastion of liberal socialism, Wildfowl magazine. And not to be outdone, those left-leaning folks at Ducks Unlimited have voiced their radical agenda on the issue as well. So what other liberal groups out there ar throwing their support behind this un-American, anti-free market legislation?

Let’s see… Trout Unlimited. The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. The American Sportfishing Association. Whitetails Unlimited. The North American Grouse Partnership. The list goes on and on and on.

Glenn Beck and James Inhofe must be apoplectic at the thought of so many granola-crunching socialist hippies.

I can’t think of one mainstream, sportsman-based conservation organization out there that doesn’t support the Clean Water Restoration Act, and there’s a very good reason for that: clean water is the basis, the keystone for everything. Without clean, unpolluted water there’s no trout, no ducks, no deer, no elk, no bass, no birds, and no us. But there are people out there who would have you believe that every piece of environmental legislation is unnecessary, wasteful, anti-business and a radical socialist plot. Who are you going to believe?