From The Arizona Republic:
The Arizona House has given preliminary approval to legislation that would make Arizona the third state in the nation to allow adults to carry concealed guns without permits…. Rep. David Gowan, R-Sierra Vista, said the measure expands the liberty of Arizonans and supports the Second Amendment.

“If you are a law-abiding citizen, you ought to have the right to carry as a law-abiding citizen,” he said….

__Rep. Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, said he is a lifelong gun owner, but he opposes the measure. Arizona’s concealed-weapons permit program “is a great program that helps both citizens carry a concealed weapon and law enforcement discern who might be carrying a weapon,” he said.

“If a person is not willing to go to an eight-hour class, get some skills training and pay a small fine, I’m not sure I want that person carrying a concealed weapon in this state,” Campbell added._

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