Dog Survives 300-Foot Fall From Cliff

Not too long ago I was bragging about my dog's performance in the Dock Dog's Big Air competition. But recently a dog in Seaford, England, took a leap that defied the odds.

According to the below video, a Springer spaniel was out for a walk with its owner when it decided to chase a seagull. Next thing the owner knew the dog was tumbling down an ocean-side cliff--a fall of 300 feet. (This would have been the perfect time to employ the sit-on-whistle command.)

The dog landed in the water, and then huddled on shore until it was rescued. It suffered a partially collapsed lung but has recovered nicely.

I've yet to have any death defying experiences with Pritch, but I know a few of you have had some close calls with your pups. It's always nice to hear about the happy endings…