We had a huge response to the first Generation Wild Gear Giveaway, with 120 guesses at the species of the fish in the photo. The answer is black crappie, which several of you guessed correctly. But because we’re nice, we also included those of you who guessed “crappie” and “white crappie” into the pot for the prize. And after this morning’s drawing, the winner is…

…Postman89! Congrats. E-mail your address to, and we’ll send you the Fishpond Microtrash Container.


Now, onto this week’s contest. Just in time for spring turkey season, we’ve got a great prize geared toward our female readers (OK, guys, you can participate, too): a Quaker Girl Hurricane box call. (A portion of the proceeds from Quaker Boy’s “Quaker Girl” products will be donated in support of breast cancer awareness, hence the pink.) Here’s how you can win it:

A couple of weeks ago, Phil Bourjaily shared a hilarious video of a yelping hen on the Gun Nut (see video below). Your task is to translate this hen’s non-stop yelping into English. The funniest translation wins.

So, watch the video, channel your inner-hen, and share your best translation in the comments section.

Good luck!