Very soon, one lucky hunter will hear the rumble of a delivery truck coming up the driveway. His doorbell will ring, and a stout man in brown shorts will hand him a new [Mathews Z7 bow]( -videos-45571 ).

So who is our winner?


Well first, for any who might have missed it, out of some 400 contestants to guess the total gross score of four different bucks posted over the course of four weeks, buddyboy25, Ikedogg, mwmrtn, and taylor1 wound up deadlocked in a four-way tie. So, earlier this week, I asked our Final Four (thank you, buckhunter) to guess the gross score of this tie-breaker buck.

Here’s are their guesses:


buddyboy25: 168 3/4*

Ikedogg: 173 5/8

mwmrtn: 181 3/8

taylor1: 171

And the winner is…buddyboy25!

The tie-breaker buck was taken last November by Illinois hunter Raymond Voss, and it gross-scored exactly 167 1/8. So congrats to all of our finalists. Great job. And to our winner, well…way to go, buddyboy! Enjoy your new Mathews Z7. I’ll be contacting you soon to get your specs.

* Let’s not have any nonsense about incorrect fractions. (Technically 3/4 should 6/8). We’re not going to nit-pick. Besides, if we threw out the fraction, buddyboy25 would still be the closest.