Whitetail Hunting photo

The sad tale of a world-class buck’s sorry demise continues. Today, Troy Alan Reinke, 32, of Cannon Falls, MN, pleaded guitly to poaching the largest 8-point whitetail buck ever killed–a 185-inch bohemoth brought down last Halloween. Now, Reinke is headed to where many hunters say he belongs—in jail.

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

_Reinke… admitted Thursday in District Court to a gross misdemeanor for illegally possessing the trophy buck and to two misdemeanors for failing to register two other deer he shot in October, said his attorney, Tim Dillon. About a dozen other charges were dismissed.

Taking into account that this incident put Reinke in violation of his parole from a domestic assault conviction as well as time already served in the poaching case, Reinke’s sentence calls for him to serve 245 days in jail. He also loses his hunting privileges for five years, and must pay $1,500 in restitution and $500 in court costs._

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