There have been some questions popping up about exactly how we will determine a winner for the Mathews Z7 contest, so let me break it down. In the initial post (and in an early comment on the last post), I explained that your gross-score guesses for each buck should be to the inch–and that is how I will tally the four bucks’ actual scores–to the inch–to get the winning total. “To the inch” means fractionals are simply disregarded. Guessing a buck’s score from a photo is tough enough, so I didn’t want you to have to worry about fractionals. Still, many of you have given fractionals.

No problem, just as the bucks will be figured to the inch, so will your guesses. In other words, if you guessed 1,000-1/8, your guess will be counted as 1,000. That said, if you want to change your guess based on the above, that’s fine. Do so below or on the last post (linked above) and include the words, “final answer.”

I will stop accepting guesses on Friday morning–and then I will announce the winner (or the need for a tie-breaker) on Friday afternoon. I have suggested that we may ask for fractionals to break a tie. Or we may simply post another buck. We will determine that on Friday as well.

Good luck.