This is it, folks. Time for your final answer. And here is your final buck. As promised, the training wheels are now long gone. No more binky for you. This freak of a whitetail–about which I am offering no information at this time–is meant to separate the men from the boys (and, knowing how sensitive all of you are to political correctness, also the women from the boys and both the men and women from the girls [but not the women from the men, thank goodness, or the girls from the boys]).

Once again: You are playing for a Mathews Z7, the company’s brand new, flagship compound bow for 2010. It’s a prize worth about $900.

To win it, you need to guess the gross–I’ll say again, gross–B&C scores to the inch for all four of the buck’s I’ve posted (which include the one shown above and the three linked below). Then you need to add all those gross scores up, and give me your grand total in the comments section of this blog post. Do not post the total on the other blogs. Whoever’s guess is closest to the sum of four bucks’ actual gross scores (which I will post next week) will be hunting with a brand new Z7 bow next fall, courtesy of Mathews. If there’s a tie, we will post another gnarly buck for the finalist to guess at.

In case you missed the other bucks, here are links to the first three:

Buck 1
Buck 2
Buck 3

Finally, if you win and we find out that you are a friend or family member of one of the hunters shown, or if you are affiliated with Mathews Inc, then we are going to drive to your house, knock on your door, cuff you upside your head, and take the bow back.

Okay, great. Go for it–and good luck.