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Many of you have been following along on this story, but in case you missed our previous posts, here’s a little background: Earlier this year, Boise wolf advocate Rick Hobson used public records to post on a website the names of 122 hunters who reported wolf kills to the IDFG, including Robert Millage, our own “idahooutdoors,” whose story of public scrutiny and harassment in the wake of tagging the first wolf of Idaho’s first 2009 season is detailed in our March 2010 issue.

Here’s the latest from the Idaho Reporter:

_The Idaho House approved a measure which would protect the identity of anyone who purchases any type of hunting license from the state of Idaho. _ _The vote among House members was 55-14 to approve the measure, which now heads to the Senate.…
Rep. JoAn Wood, R-Rigby, said the responsibility of government is to protect the citizenry from harassment. Wood said that people have the right to their opinions on wolf hunting, but making bodily threats takes it too far. She added that protection of citizens is more important than openness of government for newspapers.

A former newspaper publisher, Rep. Steve Hartgen, R-Twin Falls, said that he has dealt with government privacy issues in the past and debated in opposition to the measure, because he said the legislation “flies in the face” of the state’s constitution.