Remember Chad Love’s post on guard donkeys, which ranchers sometimes use to protect livestock from predators? Looks like horses work, too, as Robert Bennington of Streator, Illinois found out recently when he was attacked by a pack of coyotes.

Bennington said Scottee, along with the three other horses on the farm, made a circle around Bennington and pushed him tightly into the middle to protect him. Bennington said the largest coyote made a leap at a horse named Danny Boy and was kicked in the head. A black and grey coyote then made a rush at Bennington.

“My horse Scottee wheeled around and kicked him dead center,” said Bennington, who started to cry recalling the story. “The coyote started whining and they ran off. All I can remember after that is resting my head on Scottee and crying. They saved my life.”

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