I’ve often said that I’m in better physical shape because I own a gun dog. Between getting up early and into the field to train, or simply walking Pritch around the neighborhood when I need to burn off some of her energy but don’t have a time for a full session, the results are apparent in my waistline. In fact, according to a recent study, dogs encourage people to get out and walk more and the end product is healthier owners.

But apparently a Brit named Paul Railton didn’t read the memo. According to numerous sources, earlier this month he was pulled over by local cops for taking his dog for a walk with his car. Railton decided to drive down the road while holding the dog’s leash through the driver’s window. The car was said to be going about 5 mph.

A bicyclist called the cops to report a man dragging his dog, a lurcher, down the street. The cops arrived quickly and the nonsense was put to an end before the dog or anyone else was hurt. Railton received a fine for not being in control of his vehicle and lost his license due to an accumulation of points.

I know plenty of gun dog owners who air their dogs out by letting them run freely alongside their trucks or ATVs as they motor slowly along paths on their land. But we’re talking private roads on private property.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a large swath of private land outside of my back door. The best I can do when a training session is out of the question is a long walk on the beach or around the city. How about you? Are you healthier because of your gun dog? When you can’t get out to train how do you run your dogs?