From the story on the website of CBS4 Miami:

Florida’s first python hunting season ends Saturday with no reptiles being reported captured and killed. The season opened March 8 for anyone with a hunting license who paid a $26 permit fee to hunt down the nonnative reptiles on state-managed lands around the Everglades in South Florida. _In addition to Burmese pythons, hunters also were allowed to kill Indian and African rock pythons, and green anacondas and Nile monitor lizards. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says no snakes were caught. FWC officials say the state’s unseasonably cold winter weather is believed to have killed up to 50 percent of the pythons. The public hunt will resume in the fall. Officials believe there could be tens of thousands of pythons around the Everglades.
Seriously? A million monster pythons slithering amuck all over south Florida, eating alligators and lapdogs, and not one got bagged during python season? What’s up, Florida guys?