Whitetail Hunting photo

Are you a hard-core gamer, but also a militant vegan who has major philosophical issues with video games depicting the wanton killing of fellow sentient creatures? Or perhaps you’re an anti-hunter but way deep down in your secret happy place, you just wanna shoot something? Or maybe you’re a hunter who’s sick and tired of having your vegetarian friends constantly harping about how damn unhealthy meat is, and how damn wonderful tofu is and are always trying to get you to try the disgusting little gelatinous blobs of pre-formed bean mucus. Can there possibly be one game out there to make such wildly divergent people happy? Actually, yes.


The sick, brilliant geniuses at Adult Swim feel your pain and have your pleasure. Introducing “Tofu Hunter” (hat tip to Joe Cermele for the find), an online video game that is a blatant and hilarious knock-off of pretty much every deer hunting video game out there. The premise is fairly straightforward: you choose your weapons and then start hunting “tofu bucks”. If you screw up and blast a “doe tofu” your game’s over. You can also target trophy tofu, tofu hot dogs, seitan birds, and soy milk containers for bonus points.

I’ve been playing for a while now, and I have to admit I’ve become a stone-cold tofu killer. If you really want a challenge, forget the guns and hunt ’em with the blow darts. It’s the only sporting way to take a big trophy tofu. Click here or on the photo to play, but I warn you, it’s addicting.