We all know that robots are supposed to be able to beat us in chess. But Swiss researchers have apparently invented robots that learn how to hunt.

From the story:
Last time we heard about robot evolution, the bots were figuring out how to deceive each other. Now, researchers at EPFL in Switzerland have been using the same sort of genetic programming techniques to enable robots to teach themselves how to solve mazes, cooperate on tasks, and hunt each other.

…The predator-prey dynamic is perhaps the most interesting. One group of robots with several sensors were programmed to chase after another group of robots, who had fewer sensors but were faster. At first, the predator robots simply chased after the prey robots, who ran away. After 125 generations of evolution, the predator robots had figured out how to stalk the prey robots, hiding out and then sneaking up on the prey’s blind spots. The prey robots, on the other hand, learned where the predators liked to hide and made sure to keep their sensors facing them.