My turkey season got off to a killer start. From Saturday to Wednesday, I was at turkey camp near Arnold, Neb. (More stories and photos from this trip very soon.) The hunters in our camp had 45,000 acres to ourselves…unless you count the mobs upon mobs of gobblers that we shared the land with. Which none of us minded in the least.

I’ve only been turkey hunting for a few years now, and before this week I had yet to kill a gobbler. I shot this tom on Sunday morning (with the help of some calling from gobbler guru, Phillip Vanderpool, of Hunter’s Specialties, left in the photo above). Then later that evening, I tagged out with my second bird. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day.

So, now I’m back home with a freezer full of breast meat, and I’m almost as excited about the meals ahead as I was about the hunt. I am already planning on cooking this turkey recipe that David DiBenedetto recommended on Man’s Best Friend. But I was also hoping you all could share your favorite turkey recipes. If you were me, how would you cook this bird?

The reader who shares the most mouth-watering turkey breast recipe will win a brand-new Shooter’s Stick (photo below) from Hunter’s Specialties. (Contest ends Friday, May 7, at 10 a.m. EST.) Good luck! Can’t wait to see your recipes. -Colin



Shooter’s stick.