Man’s Best Friend is in the Big Apple for a few days of work-related travel. But on every street corner I’m reminded of one of gun dog training’s most important building blocks–BIRDS. In this case, pigeons, which are just about perfect for training young gun dogs.

To be honest, it’s one aspect of training game that I wish I had done more of with Pritchard. Here in NYC the pigeons are fat and slow. I’ve caught them before by hand, after luring them close with some bread. But I won’t be doing that this trip. The birds probably wouldn’t go over so well in the security line at LaGuardia airport.

But if you live in the country, there are plenty of farmers who will let you trap pigeons from their haylofts. But be sure you don’t run afoul of any game laws.

Any of you catch your own birds? Get them from a game farm? Or could you use more bird work with your pup?