For over a year now I’ve been writing about my pup, Pritchard, in this blog. And, frankly, I’m ready to hear about your gun dogs. So I’m instituting the F&S Gun Dog of the Month series. Here’s how it will work.

First you’ll need to email me the answers to the below questions along with a picture of your dog. Then once a month (maybe twice a month) I’ll choose a dog from the batch and post your photo and answers on That’s all it takes to get your gun dog the fame it deserves.

The Questions:
Dog’s Name:
Type of Hunting:
Favorite Place to Hunt Together:
Moment You’re Most Proud Of:
Moment You’d Like to Forget:
If Your Gun Dog Could Talk It Would Say….

Whether you hunt behind a Walker or a Labrador or a beagle or GSP or a mix, e-mail me the above info and a photo at Then keep an eye out for your dog on the F&S homepage. Be creative and, most of all, have fun with it.