Actually, they are just more educated, but that doesn’t make as good a headline. Besides you’d never know they were better schooled judging by how well all you deer hunters did on this little quiz. As a group, you got only one wrong. Here are the answers, according to data taken from the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2009-2010 Industry Reference Guide (available at

[1] How old is the average deer hunter? Fifty-seven percent of you said 43.3 and that is correct. You know, I’d bet that the average small game hunter was significantly younger than the average deer hunter back when I was kid. Not any more. According to the survey, they are both a tad over 43 years old. The youngest are fox hunters, at 37.5.

[2] True or False. On average, deer hunters make more money than pig hunters. This is the one that tripped you up, as a group. Turns out, pig hunters are better heeled–quite a bit better. The average household income for the former is $85,752, compared to $59,796 for the latter.

[3] How many days per year does the average deer hunter spend actually hunting deer? Roughly three-quarters of you correctly answered “About 13 days.” How does that compare to the number of days you spend chasing deer?

[4] What percentage of deer hunters are female? You got this one right, too, but only by the thinnest majority. More than 30 percent of you answered 2.2, which is actually the percentage of bear hunters who are female. Seventeen percent of you said 16.1, which is the percentage of moose hunters who are female.

[5] True or False. On average, deer hunters are better educated than turkey hunters. You got this one overwhelmingly right. In other words, what the vast majority of us deer hunters seem to know for certain is…that we are not as smart as turkey hunters. According to the survey, almost 50 percent of turkey hunters have a college education, with nearly 22 percent completing 4 years or more. As for deer hunters, about 44 percent went to college, with 18.5 percent completing 4 years or more.

The upside: If you want to get smarter all you have to do is go turkey hunting.