Whitetail Hunting photo

From The Lansing State Journal:

_In a ruling bound to warm the hearts of people who like to feed birds, an Otsego County judge tossed out a case against a man charged with violating the Lower Peninsula ban on feeding and baiting deer.

Because the backyard bird feeder at Ken Borton’s Gaylord home was attracting deer, officials of the state Department of Natural Resources and Environment said Borton was violating the deer-feeding ban. He faced a misdemeanor charge and a $205 fine….

__Borton said Monday he was “very pleased” to have the charge against him dismissed. He added, however, that he had “no intention of getting the (baiting/feeding) ban overturned.”

Is that actually a possibility? Asked Monday what far-reaching implications Judge Morse’s decision might have, DNRE spokeswoman Mary Dettloff replied, by e-mail:

“We are reviewing the ruling and have no comment.”_