From the [Helena Independent Record]( ml):

_Montana state parks, fishing access sites, and wildlife management areas are seeing the benefits of a law passed during the 2009 Montana legislative session that gave more teeth to convictions for vandalism at FWP sites.

House Bill 223 authorized the revocation of hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges upon conviction of criminal mischief or trespassing on Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ properties or criminal trespass while hunting, fishing, or trapping….

“Unfortunately, these crimes are becoming more common and replacing or repairing damaged public property costs FWP, and therefore Montana sportsmen and women, tens of thousands of dollars each year,” said Regional Warden Captain Sam Sheppard. “I hope this makes someone think twice about destroying public property and the consequences of losing hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges.”_

The article list several cases in which vandals who drove through fences, ran down signs, destroyed kiosks and more have recently lost said privileges as a result of the new law. Check out the [full story]( ml) and tell us your reaction.