From the Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor opinion page:
**Note to Obama: Try turkey hunting **
Dear President Obama: I was excited when I heard you were having a conservation summit at the White House on April 16. I was especially elated to hear that you were offering hunters a seat at the table. I’ve seen the photos of your fly-fishing outing on the Gallatin River in Montana last August – you look like you enjoyed yourself. I hope that your experience gave you some insight into the incredible love and respect that anglers have for the outdoors. I hope you came away from that outing with an appreciation for the hard work, money and sweat equity that groups like Trout Unlimited put into preserving our nation’s fisheries. Here’s a suggestion: The spring turkey seasons in both Virginia and Delaware begin on April 10. That gives you six days before the conservation summit to find a guide and try your luck at one of the most challenging feats in hunting. If you did this, it would show hunters that you are truly serious about hearing what they have to say. I know you would have a great time and you would hopefully come away with a new respect for and appreciation of all that hunters do to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat.

It’s an intriguing idea, but do you think President Obama should start out on something a little less challenging than a wary old spring gobbler? What would be a good way to introduce him to hunting?