I’ve had one dog that loved trips to the Vet’s office and one that hated it (we often had to drag him across the linoleum floor, claws scratching the whole way). Turns out Pritchard falls somewhere in between.

See the above photo of her at the Vet’s office today? Doesn’t she look calm, cool, and collected? Well, that was before the doctor came into the exam room. Then things really got interesting.

We were there for our annual checkup, which included a fecal sample and vaccinations. Before the vet could utter the word “fecal” Pritch knew something was coming. A vet tech and and I gently wrapped our arms around Pritch while we gave her some treats, and the vet tried to make her move…and all Hell broke loose. Pritch started bucking and squirming as if we’d set her paws on fire. At one point she was practically riding my shoulders in a valiant effort to escape. Okay, time to move onto the vaccinations and return to the fecal sample later.

The vet likes to give the vaccinations in the hindquarters area, so we readied ourselves again. This time I was prepared. I mean how hard can it be to hold a 37-pound dog? Damn hard. As soon as the vet swabbed the intended vaccination area Pritch went WILD. Honestly, I’ve been able to get a better grip on a 40-pound king mackerel that did not belong in the boat. Pritch bucked, jumped, and wiggled until we thought she might fly off the exam table. Okay, time for Plan C.

At this point the vet took Pritch into another room, where I’m not sure if they used a canine straightjacket or a gang tackle but they administered the vaccinations. For the record, Pritch was so unhappy during the process she left them a stool sample. Maybe she’s even smarter than I think.

The good news is Pritch is healthy and vaccinated and hopefully we won’t be back to the vet for another year.

I know Pritch is not the first dog to loose her cool at the Vet’s office. I’m curious if any of you have any funny Vet stories to share with the gang.